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Helmut Lang Celebrates Redheads And Captures Their ‘Coolness’

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Helmut Lang, one of the world’s most famous fashion designers, held a photo/video shoot at the Redhead Days Annual Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands last month. Approximately 25,000 people, including 4,000 redheads from 65 countries, showed up.

He shot genius footage featuring a number of redheads who met and became friends through the festival. The video and photos are shot with beautiful lighting and capture the true ‘coolness’ that comes with having red hair.

The redhead attendees told Lang how they felt about their red hair. Here is one of our favorite quotes:

“There’s beauty in everything, especially uniqueness,” says Tyler, a 13-year-old from Eugene, Oregon. “Being a redhead has taught me that. There’s nothing to be insecure about because being a redhead is probably one of the greatest treasures you can have,” he continues. “Like, redheads can make their own Vitamin D. Like a superpower! We don’t need the sun. We have red hair.”

PAPER magazine editor Claire Valentine boasts a beautiful head of natural red hair and the magazine was one of the first to pick up this story. She is grateful for Helmut Lang’s efforts in this area. “I appreciate Helmut Lang’s tribute to the whimsical world of redheads and our unique bond with one another,” she says.


Have you always felt your hair was cool? Do you resonate with the redheads in the video?! Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photos by Alex Leese courtesy of Helmut Lang

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