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This Redhead Makeup Tutorial Is Trending On YouTube: Have You Seen It?

Get Ready With a Redhead!

We love going live on the How to be a Redhead Facebook Page and sharing our beauty routines, but we think it’s important to share the beauty and makeup routines of other redheads too. Amy Clark shared her makeup routine on the Adore Beauty Youtube Channel. Adore Beauty is one of Australia’s leading online beauty stores and if you don’t live in Australia or aren’t familiar with Adore Beauty you might have missed this awesome redhead beauty tutorial they released. 

The video is specifically for redheads and how to wear makeup without covering your beautiful freckles. Amy shares tips for picking your foundation shade, spot concealing, and even using blush as an eyeshadow for a cohesive look. Plus she shares lots of ‘Redhead-Friendly’ approved products we think you will enjoy. 

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