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4 Celebrities Who Went Red This Month

Leaves are changing and Hollywood is inspired to do the same...

It’s always around ‘Redhead Season’ when celebrity redheads begin going red. Perhaps it is the slight chill in the air, the cozy feel, or red leaves, but Hollywood is loving red hair. Just this week, four celebrities turned red.

What are your thoughts on this?

1. Ashely Tisdale

She commented on her Instagram saying, “We went deep, real deep ❤️. Ready for Fall..” and thanked her hairstylist, whom also graces vibrant red locks, Kristin Ess. 

2. Greta Grewig

Ms. Gerwig showed off a freshly ginger mane, which she wore in a voluminous updo, at the New York Film Festival on Monday evening.


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 3. Sienna Miller

May we add that the red is a perfect complement to her ocean-blue eyes?

sienna-miller-red-hair-how-to-be-a-redhead4. Christina Hendricks

Earlier this summer, she told People Magazine that she decided to go red because the famed Mad Men was ending, “I had been red long before I had played Joan, but they did start to become sort of the same person. I started relating the red to Joan. When everything was coming to an end, and all of sudden I was moving to New York and all these changes were happening I thought why don’t I just embrace the change and change a little bit of everything, and give Joan a nice little send off. It was sort of an emotional thing for me too.”

Well, it seems like she missed it too much!

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