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Celebrating Florence Welch’s Red Hot Beauty & Fashion

When discussing her own fashion style, Florence commented saying, “For stage, its The Lady of Shalott meets Ophelia.. mixed with scary gothic bat lady. But in real life, I’m kind of prim.”

Every redhead must be inspired by a mix of all things Florence and here is how to get her “Lady of Shalott-Ophelia-Prim” look:

1. Bohemian: When thinking of Florence, many think of the word “bohemian.”  The term means someone who in the arts, but in the fashion world, it defines “free,” “flowy” “hippy-inspired” clothes. To get the look, ppt for loose fitting pants and over garments.

2. Head Pieces: Florence is known for rocking beautiful head pieces and great accessories. Accessorize up your look with floral hair wreaths that you can find at a local accessories store or they can easily be made at home to match your personal look! Also, choose bohemian bead bracelets and flat tan sandals.

3. Classic: Florence has classic beauty and it is because she is a redhead! Because of her pale complexion, she must wear sunscreen and opts for a product like Lancôme ‘Renergie Lift Multi-Action’ Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15. It works to lift and has sunscreen. Can you get any better than that?!

4. Wavy Hair: She is always sure to have beachy, wavy hair and that is due to products like Tigi Bed Head ‘Colour Goddess’ Leave-In Conditioner. They are designed to work with color-treated hair and gives the hair a fun, wavy style.

5. Makeup: And if Florence is on stage or out and about, she always is sure to wear a great, rockin’ black mascara. Choose something like Benefit BADgal Waterproof Black Eyeliner Pencil. It is meant to be worn all day and will never smudge. Lastly, end the look with a pale/pink lipgloss. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Luscious Lipgloss’ are a great choice because they don’t break the bank and the color choices look great on redheads.

Just like Florence.. Rock it like a Redhead!