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7 Celebrities Who Have Dyed Their Hair Red In 2023

Hollywood Goes Red!

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Red has been a HOT color for the past few years, and celebs are always jumping on the bandwagon. Some commit to the red lifestyle and others try it on for a little while. We love seeing celebs go red and think some of them should stick to it. Here are 7 celebs who have gone red at some point in 2023:

1. Nicola Coughlan

Best known for her role in Bridgerton (where she plays redhead Penelope Featherington) and her role in Derry Girls. She also stars in the brand new Barbie movie as a redhead Barbie! Coughlan isn’t a natural redhead and often rocks blonde hair, but she’s back with the red for the Barbie premiere and the highly anticipated next season of Bridgerton

2. Emily Ratajkowski

An actress, author, and model. Her dark brown hair has been a staple of her look for many years, but recently she appeared on Instagram with the caption “gone red” and showcased some new copper locks. 

3. Megan Fox

This isn’t the first time the actress has had red hair and it probably won’t be the last. She appeared on the red carpet for the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch with some flaming locks that appear to be sticking around for now. 

4. Blake Lively

Back to red for Blake Lively, who has rocked the color before. This time it’s for her upcoming role in the film It Ends with Us based on the best-selling novel by Colleen Hoover. Lively plays Lily Bloom, the redhead main character. It doesn’t appear the red is permanent as she has been posting on her Instagram with her signature blonde look, but we can’t wait to see her red in the new movie. 

5. Camille Razat

Best known for her role in Emily in Paris, this French actress normally sports blonde hair, but went red earlier this year for a fashion show in Paris. She’s back to the blonde now, but we think red really suits her very well. 

6. Lucy Boynton

This British actress has been sporting the red since late last year and seems to be enjoying the change from her classic blonde. 

7. Dove Cameron

Singer and actress Dove Cameron has been blonde, brunette, and redhead! She rocked the red earlier this year and is now back in her black and brunette era, but we think the red should make another comeback. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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