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5 Tips on How To Travel in Style Like Jessica Chastain This Spring

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By: Suzy Guese McCall

One of my favorite globe-trotting redheads is (easily) Jessica Chastain. She is frequently flying around the world for work or taking those essential mother-daughter trips to Italy and Greece.

Regardless of where Jessica Chastain goes, she lends redheads everywhere some great spring and summer packing tips. As we usher in a new season you might be plotting a few trips in your future.

Don’t forget to pack your bags like redheaded travel pro-Jessica Chastain.

1. Adorn A Wide Brimmed Hat for Spring Sightseeing

If you are jet-setting this spring and summer, take it from Jessica Chastain’s vacation looks. You don’t want to come home with a sunburned face and the wrinkles a few years later. She takes sun protection to a more stylish level by usually adorning a wide-brimmed hat on her sunnier travels.

2. Pack Transitional Colors to Deal with Unpredictable Weather

Packing for spring travel isn’t always a picnic for redheads. Jessica Chastain tends to keep things on the transitional side of the spectrum. We loved her look in Florence last year. Black and white patterned skirt paired with a form-fitting, sheer black shirt. Black, whites and tans work well on redheads, especially when traveling during the unpredictable weather of spring.

3. Don’t Forget to Moisturize In-Flight 

If you are planning on traveling this spring and summer and taking a few long plane rides to boot, you’ll want to refer to Jessica on this matter too. She posted her in-flight essentials for travel, which included plenty of water and the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Cream.

Flights can be incredibly dehydrating especially for redheads. If you are jet-setting this spring, apply a good moisturizer before long flights and keep a water bottle handy for hydration.

4. Protect Your Eyes and Look Smart in Statement Worthy Sunglasses


Any good traveling redhead knows that the key to keeping your travel looks fresh are accessories. As you can’t pack everything and the kitchen sink, it is important to toss in accessories that do not take up much space in your bag and help to make your travel looks sing. We love how Jessica Chastain always seems to travel with statement sunglasses. You’ll protect your eyes from the sun and also make your travel looks appear much more put together.

5. Dresses, Dresses and More Dresses!

When I travel in the spring and summer months, I always pack as many dresses as possible. Clearly, Jessica Chastain has the same idea. She frequently heads out to sightsee in sundresses that complement her red locks. Dresses are easy to pack, as you are only packing one component rather than a shirt and bottoms. You can re-wear dresses with ease and you’ll always look polished no matter where you go.

Did you also notice how Jessica Chastain is not afraid to wear white? Read more here.

Traveling this spring? Share your redhead friendly fashion and beauty travel tips. Rock it like a Redhead!